What is the size of a1 poster in cm?

The Dimensions and Uses of an A1 Poster


Posters are an essential tool for communication, advertising, and decoration. They come in various sizes, each suited for different purposes. One of the standard sizes frequently used is the A1 poster. Understanding the dimensions and potential applications of an A1 poster can help individuals and businesses make informed decisions when selecting the right poster size for their needs.

Dimensions of an A1 Poster

The A1 poster is part of the ISO 216 standard for paper sizes, which is used internationally. This system is based on the metric system, making it convenient and standardized across many countries. The dimensions of an A1 poster are as follows:

  • Width: 59.4 centimeters (cm)
  • Height: 84.1 centimeters (cm)

These dimensions make the A1 poster significantly larger than smaller formats like A4 or A3, offering a generous amount of space for detailed graphics, text, and images.

Uses of an A1 Poster

The A1 size is versatile and suitable for various applications, including:

  1. Advertising and Marketing: A1 posters are ideal for advertising campaigns and marketing promotions. Their large size ensures high visibility, making them effective for attracting attention in public spaces such as shopping malls, train stations, and exhibition halls.
  2. Event Promotion: For events such as concerts, conferences, and community gatherings, A1 posters provide ample space to display key information, including dates, venues, and guest speakers or performers. Their visibility helps in attracting attendees and conveying important details.
  3. Educational Purposes: In educational settings, A1 posters are commonly used for presentations, projects, and displays. Students and educators can utilize the large format to present information clearly and engagingly.
  4. Decorative Art: A1 posters are also popular in the realm of interior decoration. Art prints, movie posters, and photography prints in A1 size can make striking additions to homes, offices, and public spaces.
  5. Informational Displays: Businesses and organizations often use A1 posters for informational displays, such as safety instructions, maps, and schedules. The large format ensures that the information is easily readable from a distance.


The A1 poster, measuring 59.4 cm by 84.1 cm, is a versatile and widely used format suitable for various applications, from advertising and event promotion to educational displays and decorative art. Its generous dimensions make it an effective tool for communicating messages clearly and attractively. Whether for professional use or personal enjoyment, the A1 poster remains a popular choice due to its practicality and visual impact.